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Posted by ndongala on June 20, 2013 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Rejection is what we get when we don’t blend, rejection is the price to pay for looking different, talking different, acting different. Instead of being source of amazement, it is fear that we awake on them, and that fear leads to hatred.

People scrutinize you from head to toe, they listen carefully to the way you speak, your accent and so on, they scan your life-style, until they find something that looks different from what they know or what they are used to; and from there they take you apart, pointing out how uncommon you are to them. From your every move, even from your desperate attempts to be understood, their hatred grows even bigger and stronger.

Only few are amazed and pleased by what is so beautifully different from them, only few will be willing to understand, not cruelly judge and condemn, only few will let you blend with whatever you brought, making you part of that big family which is humanity; for the rest of human, annihilating you will become their major task, you’ll be treated like the dirt in the white shirt that must go at the first wash; far from being amazing you being different deranges them, they will be living the utopian lie that their lives would have been better if you didn’t even exist.

Then comes the tragic moment when their fears, hatred and anger can no longer be contained, and from there a dramatic course of action ensues, from their mere feeling of disgust toward what you are, they will now reach the no return stage going from just harming you, to getting rid of you by committing a shameful murder. In their mindset it’s all some kind of self-defense because they are just getting rid of what they see in you as a threat to everything they are and everything they believe in.

Most of the time to justify their actions, they will accuse you of things you never did; when anyone else who looks exactly like you does something wrong, they’ll gladly grab it as an opportunity to finally finish you off. But it all always starts from that mere rejection and discrimination, even when you look just like them they’ll dig deep and bring up the slightest difference.

Discrimination is a plague that slowly but surely destroys human race, it slows down our progress, it’s always a set back from any of the progress we’ve so far accomplished together; at least if we could teach our children tolerance and acceptance, surely they’ll build a better world than the one we built.


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The world is out in search for love,is this for real?since the rise of human race,love has always been a major issue,no scientific field has ever brought light to the mystery that is love.I lived enough to understand it but i failed as well.Oh why am i talking about love,just that i wake up very thoughtfull and i read these lines from a medieval lover who probably wrote these in a cry out.I quote:

"I lost her

when i found her

now who will fill this empty room

who will stop this freaky doom

i wish i could

and i know i should

the past is gone

the grief is on

what has become of my spring

where is the one i gave the ring

what has love done of me

where has hope gone from me"